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Skating is never old, and because of that kids are still amazed when they see someone roll in their skates. If you are reading this, it might because your son or daughter is asking you for a pair of skates like their friends have. Don’t worry because at Slide Inline we supply a large range of affordable skates for kids.

(If you ended up here by yourself and you want your parents to buy you a pair of skates, go show them our store and website to them, we’ll help them and you choose your next skates)

Children Skates Catalogue

At Slide Inline we encourage you to start your children in skating world. Because skating helps improving many important aspects during their growth, like coordination, balance and concentration. Also, it strenghts leg muscles and increases aerobic resistence. And of course it can cause some slip and fall, but this will also help have faster reflexes. 

In fact, you’d like your son to learn skating just like you, without injuring himself/herself, right? At  Slide Inline we can’t grant you that, but we got the best safety gear and helmets for skating, the best quality and best prices. For kids to put their skates on and roll safely.

Inline Skates for kids

After all the years, we have all fallen to the ground plenty of times, if you’re thinking its a dangerous sport for your children, you should remember that first hobbie you had, which might of been skatingl. If you liked skating you wouldn’t take off your skates even at home, right? And your parents might of complained to you but you were the happiest kid in the neighborhood. In fact that’s how we felt when we were a kid.

If you do not know much of the Children Skating world, but your kids want to try you’re also at the right place, we supply a large range of skates, with many designs and colours, for your kids to choose their favorites. You can contact us by phone and our professionals will help and advice you.

Children Skates Characteristics

Wheels: It’s a must to know the importance of the wheel hardness. The harder they are the less they grip so the softer they are they grip to surface more. The size is also an important thing. The bigger they are the faster they will go, and if they’re small wheels they’ll be easier to make turns and do maneuvers.

Bearings: From ABEC 1 to ABEC 9. This applies to the quality of the spin. The higher ABEC is the smoother and faster the wheel will spin.

Frames: they can be made of plastic (which are the lightest) or aluminum (which are stronger).

Rubber brake: It’s always more efficient than a plastic one, because of they way they deteriorate with the use, and its grippiness.

Boot type: we can find many soft boot designs and some other with a harder design, both have their advantages, so the choice is mostly personal preference. A softer boot is usually comfier and breathable but a hard boot offers more  balance and control. Maybe the soft boot will be more convenient for a kid that is starting.

To start in this sport we suggest using the RollerBlade Spitfire, probably the best for beginner kids.

What age is good to start skating?

This is a decision of the parents and the kids will to skate. Some kids start skating with just 2 years, but it’s more usual to start at from 3-4 years.

Why buying at Slide Inline online shop?

At our Skateshop you’ll find a large range of Children skates, of 3 and 4 wheels, do not hesitate to ask when purchasing your new children skates, our professional team will answer all your questions.