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Buy the best inline freeskates – slalom skates for women and men in Slide Inline

Freeskates are designed specifically for precisión skating like slalom where the skater performs stunts and dance moves around this without touching them.

It consists on an style of skating which you can improvise and imagine all the stunts and linking moves to make it visually smooth and clean.

We supply profesional freeskates from the best brands like Rollerblade or Seba which will stand a heavy and daily use. Also you can find cheap freeskates to get started in this skating style.

Types of freeskates – slalom skates

These skates usually carry an outside solid boot prepared to stand hits, drags and crashes because this style requires it. The foot will feel more embraced than in a soft boot and this will help absorb the impact giving a better performance, control and balance. We can find 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled freeskates – slalom skates.  

The frames are usually short so it doesn’t go over the wheels more than 1 or 2 cm in the boots ends. We have many types of frames, and you can find a frame according to your skating style and use.

There are flat frames and “rockering” frames (this have a curve in the wheel line and these are specifically designed for slalom use, because they give a better maneuverability.

The “rockering” frames are peculiar because its configuration for wheels, the first and last wheels will be above the middle wheel (or 2 wheels in the middle if its a 4 wheeled frame) and they won’t touch the floor. But to learn how to lean the skates to use these frames you’ll need a bit of experience.

The flat frames are the most recommended frames for begginers because the wheels are properly aligned to give the máximum support and safety.

If you’re a beginner its normal you can have doubts at choosing your skates. That’s why us, Slide Inline, will be pleased to advice you and help you find the most appropiate skates for you. Do not hesitate to contact or come through the shop.

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