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Buy pro scooters at the best price in our online store

Is your pro scooter asking for a change? In SlideInline we suggest you the latest in pro scooters from the best brands so you can keep finding that adrenaline by doing big jumps and stunts.

We are the No. 1 online store in the sale of pro scooters for adults and children, we work with the most important brands in the world, thus having a variety of exclusive models such as the Eretic snowscoot slope and designs for you to choose the one that best meets your requirements. We have cheap pro scooters or more demanding ones, depending on your needs and experience.

In our pro scooter catalogue you’ll find the best brands in the market; Ethic, Proto, Blunt, MGP, North, Root Industries, Striker and many others.

Scootering is trending for tricks and stunts

Trick scooters are very similar to conventional scooters, however they are mainly designed to perform all kinds of jumps, stunts and tricks, as well as being much more resistant and durable. Most scooters are made of sturdy aluminum handlebars and boards, and come with wheels made of polyurethane (PU).

Unlike traditional scooters, pro scooters cannot be folded or modified in height. All this allows for greater solidity, thus achieving a more durable and shock-resistant trick scooter, since when falling a strong pressure is generated against the ground. At the same time these models have a compression circuit, to give the directional mechanism a high quality.

In our freestyle scooter store you can get either of the two models, depending on the use and needs you require with the scooter.

Where do pro scooters come from?

Nowadays there’s a lot of riders that practise this sport, and the community is still growind from day to day. Freestyle scootering consists on making all type of maneuvers, tricks, stunts, jumps, grinds, combos… anywhere you can. Some tricks look similar to skateboarding. Of course, remember to use safety gear and helmets for being safe. It’s really important!

Freestyle scootering was born early 2000’s, that same year a group of USA riders gathered and formed a team to learn tricks together which they were willing to find what was posible to perform. Also in 2005 in France, another huge community of riders started increasing and the first competition was made. 

Custom trick scooter for advanced riders

The most experienced riders seek to develop in their trick scooters a higher level, according to their freestyle styles and preferences, modify their parts such as steering, handlebars, board, wheels, etc. (You can see here the catalog of parts and spare parts for pro scooters that we have at your disposal) Designing it to your specifications and requirements, for better results in the most complicated tricks. Do you have any questions? You can contact us for advice without obligation, we will assist you so you can buy the right por scooter.

Do you have any question? Contact us and we’ll be pleased to advice you about our scooter, we’ll help you find what freestyle scooter suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy good and cheap pro scooters?

In Slide Inline's online store you have the largest offer of prp scooters on the market where you can buy them at the best price on the Internet.

How to choose the best pro scooter?

To know which is the best pro scooter for you, you must take into account aspects such as the materials used, wheels and bearings and weight that will determine its price is cheaper or higher. If you are going to start in the world you can start with a more basic one and as you gain experience acquire a pro scooter.

How long will my order take to arrive?

As long as we have it in stock and the shipment is to the peninsula you will have your new tricks scooter at home in 24 hours.