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Freestyle Scooters at the best price.

Is your scooter asking for a change? In SlideInline we suggest you the latest in freestyle scooters from the best brands so you can keep finding that adrenaline by doing big jumps and stunts.

We are the #1 online shop in freestyle scooter, we work with the most important brands from all around the globe, we supply a big range of exclusive and limited models and designs so you can finds what suits you best.

In our freestyle scooter catalogue you’ll find the best brands in the market; Ethic, Proto, Blunt, MGP, North, Root Industries, Striker and many others.

We have scooters for adults and kids, and we supply a good range of prices for them according to your budget or your needs.

Scootering is trending for tricks and stunts.

Freestyle scooters are pretty similar to conventional scooters, but this have been built stronger to receive all type of impact and perfect jumps, tricks and stunts with them. Most of them are made from an strong aluminum alloy on bar and deck, they also come with wheel made from poliurethane with a aluminum strong core.

The difference to traditional scooters are that freestyle scooters aren’t foldable or neither are they adjustable at bar height. But this gives the scooter more strength and solidness by enforcing all the parts and welds. Also this scooters come with a compresion system so handlebar can spin safe and smooth.

In our online shop you can adquire any type of scooter according to the use you’ll make ofi t.

Where do freestyle scooters come from?

Nowadays there’s a lot of riders that practise this sport, and the community is still growind from day to day. Freestyle scootering consists on making all type of maneuvers, tricks, stunts, jumps, grinds, combos… anywhere you can. Some tricks look similar to skateboarding. Of course, remember to use safety gear and helmet for being safe. It’s really important!

Freestyle scootering was born early 2000’s, that same year a group of USA riders gathered and formed a team to learn tricks together which they were willing to find what was posible to perform. Also in 2005 in France, another huge community of riders started increasing and the first competition was made. 

Scooter modifications for advanced riders

The most experienced riders tend to look for a evolution in their scooter parts, depending on your style and tricks selection you could look for different parts. There’s a lot of parts like grips, headset, handlebars, decks, wheels, brakes, forks, etc. (Here you can see the catalogue and replacements for scooters we supply for you) You can customize it with your need to obtain the best results and perform the hardest tricks

Do you have any question? Contact us and we’ll be pleased to advice you about our scooter, we’ll help you find what freestyle scooter suits you best.