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If your clamps bolts are worn, you need a new one or you’re switching to SCS compresson system we got the part you’re looking for. We supply the best Clamps and SCS of steel and aluminum, which is the most common and practical.

Clamps for Freestyle Scooters

Clamps tend to be 2 bolted, but we can find some with 3 and even 4 bolts. All clamps we supply will offer enough strength to hold the handlebar and fork together

At our online shop you’ll find plenty of designs, colours and shapes. We got the best and the latest parts from the best freestyle scooter brands

When choosing your clamp you must know there’s 2 sizes for the diameter, around 32mm is standard and 35mm is oversized. This last is the one you must ride when using HIC, same applies to handlebars.

SCS for Freestyle Scooters

SCS are made with two different inside diameters, two bolts for the top, two for the bottom. This compression system holds the handlebar and fork by separate. And the bolt that goes inside is used to tight the headset with the fork and SCS itself.

To make a correct installation we’ll put the SCS in the fork and press until it touches the headset. Fork shouldn’t be trespassing to the top half of the SCS, because if it does the headset won’t be properly dialed even after tighting the bolt. This problema can be avoided by using fork spacers.

SCS (aswell as clamps) are avaliable in two sizes, standard and oversized. This sizes are reference to the top half of the SCS, which holds the handlebar.

Which SCS or Clamp to buy?

First of all we recommend you to check the size you need. Anyway, if you decide buying an oversized Clamp/SCS you will be able to set it up like it was standard with the help of a shim, which will work with standard handlebars.

At Slide Inline we are 100% sure to supply the best Clamps and SCS of the best freestyle scooter brands like Apex, Blunt, Tilt, Proto, Lucky, Root, Native… All these brands have a large range of colours for you to find your favorite.

If you can’t find  the Clamp or SCS you’re looking for do not hesitate to contact our team, we are freestyle scooter experts and we’ll answer all your questions, no strings attached.

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