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If you are looking for the full range of Santa Cruz brand products, you are in the right place. In our online store you can buy skateboards, complete skateboards, boards, wheels and accessories at the best price.


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Santa Cruz Complete Skates

We have a wide variety of complete skates from Santa Cruz, always renewing with new seasonal models. We know that we are facing one of the best skateboarding brands and that is permanently at the forefront in terms of design and technology. 

Buy your complete Santa Cruz skate at Slide inLine, we have exclusive offers and free shipping in 24h, you can also place your orders through our store or by phone. Your payments can be made in different ways and securely, you can even pay up to 12 months WITHOUT INTEREST if you wish.

Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz has been perfecting skateboards up to the present time, therefore this brand means high quality. All the boards they manufacture are made of high quality materials such as maple wood from Canada. Their manufacturing method is through 7 thin sheets of maple wood, which gives the board special characteristics (flexibility and resistance) so you can perform any kind of tricks and movements with the board.

At Slide, we also have the best skateboard designs in Santa Cruz so you can renew or build your own equipment. Remember that you have a product return period of up to 60 days.

Origin of the Santa Cruz brand

The brand was founded in the city of Santa Cruz (hence its name), California, in 1973, and has been in the market for the longest time. The firm has the "Screaming Hand" logo designed by Jim Phillips. This logo represents a blue hand with an open mouth in the palm of the hand, making the gesture of screaming. Thanks to this logo, the brand became known worldwide among skateboarders.

It all started on the sunny beaches of California and has reached the present day with premium materials and designs for both skateboarding and fashion.

Santa Cruz Skateboards has available different collections of skateboarding within his signature, where we can highlight the skates, boards, clothing collection and accessories, and you'll find it all in Slide inLine.

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