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At Slide Inline we have a wide range of bags and backpacks for your skates, different sizes and designs for you to choose the one that fits better your inline skates and your style.

This bags are made for carrying your skates safely and comfortably, so your skates will be protected against hits and will be preserved way better. Also you’ll have other pockets where you can keep your tools or anything you might need for your skating sessions.

Buying skates backpacks at the best price

In our shop you can find bags & backpacks with different types of grips, also different types of fabrics or materials. You can find different reliable brands, from the simples and most affordable “SFR” bag to the most expensive and complete like the “Razors Backpack” which includes plenty of pockets with a better quality and more space.

If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to advice you and find the right bag/backpack choice for your needs.