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If you’re thinking of changing your handlebar because its cracked or bent and you want to give a change to your scooter, we promise we have the best handlebars for your scooter, made from the best materials, from the best quality, at awesome prices and each of them from the top brands.

Freestyle Scooter Handlebars

We’re bringing a wide range of products in this category. We supply great designs and colors, so you can create a scooter different from the rest.

In our online shop you’ll find diferente sizes so you can adapt to your height and wide preference. All the handlebars we supply are good quality and they are all resistent and strong.

Scooter Handlebar, Which should I buy?

Before choosing a handlebar you must be sure which will suit you best, if it should be oversized or standard size.

Oversized handlebars have an outside diameter of 35mm and 28-32mm on the inside, meanwhile standard bars are 32mm outside and 28mm inside thickness.

At the end the choice of bar is also a personal preference because both sizes are good and in our shop you’ll find the best brands.

Aluminum or Steel? The best handlebars from top brands in Slide Inline

The scooter bars made in steel are usually standard, they are a bit heavier but are stronger and more durable. In the other hand, bars made of aluminum are usually oversized but lighter, they  aren’t as strong as Steel but they allow you to do tricks like big airs easier. 

At Slide Inline we ensure the best and most exclusive range of freestyle scooter handlebars in the market, offering you the best attention, advicing and service. Don’t forget subscribing to our newsletter so you don’t miss any of our news and sales.

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