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Types of skates

In this list we will show you the different types of skates that you will find in our online store:

Fitness Skates

These skates are ideal for exercising anywhere or for a leisurely stroll, they are characterized by being breathable and very comfortable to wear, so they are perfect for short or long journeys. 

The fitness skates combine exercise and leisure in a single skate, besides they are compatible for the whole family as they can be used by children or adults.

Quad or roller skates

These skates are mainly designed for sports, these skates have the classic look of four wheels in pairs.

The roller skates will make you feel more stability compared to the usual skates thanks to the fact that their base is much wider. Nowadays there are many designs with different versions in different colors, the best of all is that they are suitable for all ages.

Children's skates

In our online store you can also buy childrens roller skates, so that the smallest of the house also have fun on wheels.

Aggressive Skates

They are the most suitable skates for a more extreme skating, they are usually heavier and more robust than traditional skates, this small difference makes them much more resistant to shocks and falls, they are mainly made for the practice of jumps, spins and grinds.

So, if you want to perform big tricks and skate on ramps, you need aggressive inline skates, you can also use them in skate parks where you can do your best tricks. They are the best skates for experienced skaters.

Freeskate Skates 

These are the most versatile and polyvalent type of skates, since they are specially made for the tight curves of urban environments, where different movements are performed. They are skates that can be easily maneuvered and usually do not have a brake.

In addition, freeskates can also be used to do different street tricks, they are ideal for learning freestyle techniques as well as to introduce to disciplines such as skidding, jumps or slalom. 

In addition, freeskate can also be used to do different street tricks, they are ideal for learning freestyle techniques as well as to introduce to disciplines such as skidding, jumps or slalom. 

Speed Skates

They provide the highest performance in order to take advantage of the skater's effort to reach the maximum speed. They are characterized by their low, light boots and significantly larger wheels than the other types of skates.

In addition, inline speed skates are suitable for experienced skaters who enjoy high speeds.

Frequently asked questions about skates

How much do skates cost?

In our online store you can find cheap skates for less than 100€ up to professional skates.

What type of skates are easier to learn on?

Although you may think otherwise, with inline skates you will find it easier to learn to skate than with 4-wheel skates. This is because the base of inline skates is longer, so they contribute to greater stability.

What are the best skates for exercise?

Freeskates are the best option for exercising, as you will have your whole foot covered thanks to their support.

Where can I buy skates online?

In Slide Inline's online store you can buy skates of the best brands at the best price on the Internet.