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Buy Inline Skates in the Slide Inline online shop

At Slide Inline you can buy inline skates for women and men from the top brands at the best Price. We supply a big online range of products full of deals so you can wear the skate that fits your skating style best.

Our team has specialists in Inline Skating so they’ll be able to advice you professionally and give you their honest opinion about the products.

Inline Skates for women and men

We supply the best skates for adults in the market. This skates are smooth, fast and easy to control and they have great resistence too. In our online shop you can buy skates for mano r women and choose which fits your style best. We remind you that you can also choose quad skates if you prefer this classic style of skating.

What makes the inline skates stand out are that they’re all designed with their wheels “in-line”. There’s skates with two, three and four wheels.

The difference to classic quad skates is that these used to have 2 wheels in the front truck and 2 in the back truck of the boot.

Most inline skates have a heel stop made from tyre so you can brake by leaning it on the floor, it is perfect for beginners in skating. The boots are designed in a high-boot style so it embraces and gives more comfort and security to your ankles.

Types and styles of skates

Nowadays there’s different types and styles of skating, because of this we have avaliable differents inline skates so you can find the most suitable one for the discipline you wish you practice, and in our shop, Slide Inline, you can find the best inline skates for the different styles and disciplines as:

  • Freeskates or Slalom
  • Fitness Skates
  • Agressive Skates
  • Artistic Skates
  • Speed Skates
  • Hockey Skates
  • Skates for kids
  • All terrain Skates (4x4)
  • Ice Skates

Also, you have a full range and catalogue of accesories and add-ons such as wheels for every type of skates, bearing, safety gear, replacements, bags & backpacks, etc…

How to choose a good inline skate?

Once you know which style of skates you’re looking for the most important is to find the right size. Usually it is the same size you use for footwear. Another important factor to look at when selecting your skates is to choose according to your level. If you are advanced in skating you should aim for a top skate if not we recommend you buy an entry level skates (for beginners) which will be cheaper.

The inline skating top brands

In our online shop, Slide Inline, we always work with the top brands of the market, so you can feel safe when buying your skates. Here’s some of the brands you can find in Slide Inline:

Powerslide Next →

Powerslide Swell →

Rollerblade Twister →

Rollerblade RB →

If you dont find the model of inline skate you’re looking for contact us and one of our experts will be pleased to help you.