Scooter Griptape

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The griptape plays an important role in your scooter, because it depends on it for you feet not to slip, the main goa lof griptapes is to have your feet fixed to the top of the deck, especially for those that like to do fast tricks, in our online shop you’ll find the best scooter griptapes on the actual market, also, you’ll find information to know which you should buy.

Griptapes for scooter

The scooter griptapes offer additional grippyness when doing landings, and at the same time they give a great control over your scooter. Not only this griptapes allow you to do tricks safely but they’re also a simple and cheap option to customize your scooter.

Griptapes grain wears off from time to time, so they lose grip. This of couse is a clear sign to change your griptape. You got two options, you can buy precut griptape or buy from a roll and save some money.

Importance on Scooter Griptape 

Once you have put your scooter griptape its really important for you to avoid air bubbles on it, because these will break easy and make your griptape to be poorly fixed to your deck.

Nowadays there are different sized griptapes, some are designed to cover all the deck, some have a cut design and some other are just rectangular. Brands often make a griptape with designs that match their product .