Since 1989, Razors Skates has been one of the most popular brands for quality finish, innovation and incredible design. Since then they have been dedicated to the manufacture of inline skates as well as skate components, guaranteeing riders all over the world the highest level of excellence.

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Aggressive skates


he Cult All Star takes inspiration from one of our favorite pieces of footwear, featuring black boots with a white toecap and soul.
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Aggressive Inline Razors Skates

Currently the company is positioned among the best in the market, appearing in multiple inline skating events, competitions and other opportunities where they exhibit their products, achieving immense success. The brand has achieved progressive growth throughout its history.

Why did we choose Razors Skates?

The discipline of aggressive skating comes from inline skating, being seen for the first time in the 80s by Chris Edwards, being the one who inaugurated the discipline performing the initial tests, then new tests were developed by the hand of Arlo Eisenberg.

It consists of performing jumps, avoiding obstacles and pirouettes, so Razors Skates range of aggressive skates are specially designed for this type of skating.

They must have a lot of strength and hardness, so that they are able to withstand impacts against the ground and so on. At the same time the base of the skate and the sole must have the necessary space to glide over the curbs / rails, allowing an optimal grip for grind.

The most common wheel sizes vary between 55 and 64 mm and are usually thicker than conventional wheels. 

Most Razors skates are made of high density polyurethane, making them very durable and able to withstand serious punishment.

They also have anatomical foam that fits your feet for a great fit, and their insoles are specially designed to absorb the hard shocks during landings.

The laces and buckles are made of sturdy aluminium, creating a good locking system.

Razors Skate is one of the leading brands in aggressive skates, offering the market the lightest and hardest product on the market, as well as ABEC technology bearings, guides and Ground wheels.

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