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When you purchase an scooter its barely a must to purchase a helmet too. This will reduce risks and injuries that could happen by practicing with the scooter. In addition, helmets are a must to ride on roads and bike lanes usually.

The best of this type of safety gear is that it won’t only keep you safe for riding scooters, but skateboards, skates, bikes, longboards (etc...) too. They usually come in kids and adults models with 3 different sizes, S, M & L (small, medium, large) 

Helmets for scooters and freestyle scooters

You have an extense list of exclusive helmets for electric scooters, or helmets for freestyle scootering, with an adjustable strap to be fixed to the head, and holes for ventilation of the sweat. They’re made with specialized material to absorb impact and be comfortable at the same time, this materials usually are carbon fiber (very light), glass fiber (solid and resistent) and polycarbonate.

At Slide Inline we ensure you a large range of helmets for scooter from the top brands, different colors and designs that adapt to your personality, also other accesories like safety pads, backpacks, socks, etc…