Lucky Scooters

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Lucky is a prestigious brand founded in the United States in 2008, where they began to manufacture the first custom pieces in the city of Washington. They quickly became recognized by skateboarding enthusiasts for providing excellent quality products. 

This company is responsible for manufacturing various products such as freestyle scooters with elegant and innovative designs as well as all the necessary components to create your scooter to your personality and style.

Lucky Scooters: Quality and Innovation

The Lucky company prides itself on creating innovative and cutting edge designs, being the first to introduce a CNC machined scooter platform, and to showcase the forks in one piece. Throughout the years and countless tests, the industry has experimented and achieved excellent results in manufacturing unbreakable parts.

Today, they work with leading manufacturers, engineers, illustrators and industrial designers, enabling them to produce scooters and components of high quality and functionality.

Most professional and amateur scooter riders are delighted with this amazing brand, guaranteeing riders the safety and peace of mind they need when riding.

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The company's engineers and designers not only focus on the quality of the products, but they also focus on making scooters that have excellent functionality, such as speed, handling, control and durability. 

All components that are manufactured are tested and analysed to high standards by laboratories and industry quality control.

Scooter Lucky: High performance and durability

Since its inception Lucky has provided its equipment at various events such as CooterCon and SD1 and this has allowed the company to grow significantly by seeing first hand the demands of the professionals at these events. To keep improving and adapting to the specifications of the most demanding riders.

In addition, over the years, Lucky has worked to become a prestige brand by helping many talented riders. It currently has an elite team of riders including world champions.

The Lucky brand provides multiple items such as the wedge (clamp), spider, screws, sandpaper, brake, clamp, pegs, wheels, steering, forks, handlebars, base, as well as offering t-shirts and hats.

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