Scooter for kids

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More and more, we’ve been watching how all types of scooters are popularized lately. New technologies have been introduced in design and functionality in order to obtain a high quality and endurance producto related to the action sports practice. We introduce the children’s scooters section, for Slide kids, with affordable prices and personal advicing.

Children’s scooter catalog for boys and girls

Due to its stance and easy control, kids at a young age can ride scooters (we supply a large range of scooter with 2 front wheels) and perform and improve important habilities when growing up like balance and force. It will help with psychomotor, dizziness and speed control. 

This scooters can be folded and the bar can be adjusted to the optimum height. This makes it easier to carry and it becomes really practical for kids because at young ages the growth makes them use clothes and other stuff for a certain period. But with this he will be able to use the same scooter for many years while increasing the bar height meanwhile. It’s also important to use safety gear that keep the children protected against falls or crashes.

Scooters for all ages, from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, up to 12 years

Between all the different type of children’s scooters we find the freestyle scooter really interesting. These are meant to be used to do jumps tricks and receive a lot of use. They’re designed for making tricks and stunts and are better for kids between 8 to 14 years old. We’d say freestyle scooters are the upgraded version of conventional scooters.

If you’re a parent and are considering if buying a scooter for your boy or girl definately the answer is yes. Not only for the previously mentioned benefits (improve balance, control…) but because the skateboarding, scootering, skating modalities make you improve and think about personal value compared to other team sports. And scooter riders tend to socialize a lot at skateparks with kids at their age. And the values that this sport has is shared by everyone riding a scooter, skateboarding, rollerblading or any freestyle sport.

  • Scooter deck : where foot are placed
  • Wheels: usually we find urethane or plastic (urethane its best) and in some we have cores made of alluminum so they stand longer and dont break with impact.
  • Handlebar and fork: It’s usually adjustable to different heights.
  • Spin: Some 2 wheeled systems allow the wheel to spin 360º while others (like the 3 wheeled) are locked at a certain point.

Tips before buying a children’s scooter:

  • Age: Kids under 4 years should use a 3 wheeled scooter (2 in the front) because they’re still developing balance and this will make it easier for them to stand in the scooter with both feet on. From 5 years they can change to 2 wheeled scooters and improving their control and upgrade the parts.
  • Wheels: As we said, urethane wheels ease the grip and slide to the floor while plastic are harder and have a worst perfomance on surfaces.
  • Height adjust: The handlebar must be at kid’s belt height so the kid has a natural pose, doesn’t require to much effort and keeps a good position and doesn’t have any back/shoulder pain from leaning too much or having his hands/arms way too high.

In the bar at your left side of the screen you can look for and filter the characteristics you look for your kids scooter.

Also, our specialized team will advice you to choose the children’s scooter that fits better their age, size and use. Down here you’ll find our phone number so you can talk with our professionals, they will be pleased to answer and help you with anything else you need to know.