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The aggressive skating is a modality that began in the 80's, a style that a priori may not be simple, however it is one of the most fun modalities.

Thanks to the great reception and the great tour of this style of skating, this discipline has attracted a remarkable number of followers in all countries in recent years. At Slide Inline you can buy cheap aggressive rollers from the best brands.

What is the difference between aggressive rollerskates and other skates?

The difference between fitness or freeskate skates is that aggressive skates are wider and more robust. They are skates that are perfectly adapted so that the skaters can slide even on the curbs, so if you like to take risks, this modality is yours.

On the other hand, the sole can be widened and the wheels are of small diameter, in fact, each skate can carry from 2 to 4 wheels, depending on the use of the same, on the other hand, the size is usually somewhat thicker.

In general, aggressive skates are quite comfortable, although they stand out more for their resistance and hardness. Within this skating modality, a differentiation must be made between rigid and semi-rigid skates:

  • Rigid skates: they allow performing tricks more correctly and make skating easier in general. On the other hand, certain tricks will be more difficult to perform with them.
  • Semi-rigid skates: being softer, they allow to perform tricks more easily, although for inexperienced skaters they can cause the skater not to learn the tricks properly by bending the ankles instead of the knees.

If you are going to start in this discipline you have to keep in mind that not always the most expensive skates will be the best, as sometimes they may not adapt to the conditions of each person, either by lack of support or hardness.

In Slide In Line we work with the main manufacturers of aggressive skates: USD, Razors, Xsjado, Valo, Rollerblade, among others. In our store, we offer a large catalog where you can buy aggressive inline skates online in a comfortable and safe way. Remember! You can pay off your new skates interest-free in 12 months.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best brand of aggressive skates?

Within this type of skates the best brands are Razors, USD and FR Skates. Any model from these manufacturers can be considered among the best aggressive skates.

What is aggressive skating?

It is a type or modality of skating that consists of performing jumps, going over obstacles or doing tricks. In order to practice this modality you must use skates that are known in the world as aggressive skates.

How do I choose my first pair of aggressive skates?

This answer is complicated to summarize in a few lines but something that we always recommend in a first purchase, is that an aggressive skate should be comfortable, resistant and as precise as possible.

How much are aggressive skates worth?

In the market there is a great variety of prices but if you are looking for quality, resistance, durability and a good grip the price range is between $140 and $400.