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The best aggressive skates in Slide Inline online shop.

Agressive skating is an style of skating that started in the “80s”, a practice which doesn’t seem that easy at first glance its really one of the funniest sports.

Because of its history and support this sport has a big number of skaters all around the world. At Slide Inline you can buy cheap aggressive skates.

What is the difference between aggressive and the rest of skates?

The differences, compared to fitness skates or freeskates is that aggresive skates are wider and stronger. This skates are adapted for its use; skaters will use them to slide and grind on curbs, ledges, rails and danger is guaranteed if you do not have experience with this skates.

In the other hand, the insole can be expanded to be wider and wheels are from a small diameter, in fact each skate could wear 2 to 4 wheels depending on how you use them, and they’re often thicker.

In general, aggressive skates are pretty comfortable, even though they stand out for its resistence and strength. Inside this skating style we can find rigid and semi-rigid skates.

  • Rigid Skates: They allow to perform moves with ease.
  • Semi-Rigid Skates: They help to make different stunts.

If you’re getting started in this skating style you must know that the more expensive skates will not always be the best, because the design of the boot could not fit the user properly, because of lack of grip or hardness of the boot.

At Slide Inline, we work with the main and most famous aggressive skate brands: USD, Razors, Xsjado, Valo, Rollerblade, and others. In our official shop we supply a wide range of aggressive inline skates to make in a safe and comfy . You can pay up to 12 month with no interests or taxes.

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