Protections and helmets

From our point of view, skate protectors are undoubtedly a must-have item, regardless of the experience of the skater in question, they will always contribute to ensure safety by minimizing the risk of accident and serious injury.

Skateboard protections for children and adults

If we have already mentioned that the skater's experience should not be a factor when it comes to acquiring the corresponding protections when skating, neither should age.

Regardless of the style we practice, whether for men's and women's inline skates, quad skates or children's skates, children and adults must have a complete set of protections. What's more, we would go so far as to say that the use of these protections by adults should serve to make the youngest members of the household aware of how important they are.

However, at this point we always have the same doubts.

What are those essential protections when skating? How should we choose them to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency?


As it could not be otherwise, the helmet is the most important safety element that we can find. It protects such a delicate part of our body as the head, which, by the way, can receive great impacts in the falls we may have. On this basis, we have to say that we must resort to specific helmets for skaters.

We cannot acquire helmets for other disciplines. Skating cases are going to offer us the necessary protection as well as enough comfort to execute the movements we want.

On the other hand, besides choosing correctly the material in which it is made, a very important aspect is the size. Without exerting excessive pressure on the head, it is true that it has to fit snugly enough so that it does not have a slack that decreases the level of protection.

Knee pads

Skaters know that the chassis is their own body. That's why they assume that some parts of their body, such as their knees, will immediately hit the ground in the event of a fall.

Well, to avoid serious injuries, specifically breaks or lacerations that can lead to major problems, knee pads are essential. Of course, having to choose those that fit perfectly to our knees, we should opt for those whose material absorbs most of the impact. And all this without forgetting that they must provide freedom of movement.

Elbow pads

Something similar happens with elbow pads. They must allow us to move fluidly and at the same time protect us from the force of the impact of a possible fall. We recommend the purchase of elbow pads for skaters and not for other sports disciplines. Otherwise it may be the case that the material is not adequate.

As we have seen, protections for skaters are essential. Keep in mind that the fact of being aware of being protected can make us take some more risks in the execution of certain tricks. And this favors the fun of this practice. Remember that through our online store you can buy skate protections of all kinds and of course, you can ask us your questions and we will advise you without obligation.

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