Undercover Wheels

Undercover Wheels, a prestigious brand that achieved a breakthrough in sales by partnering with the legendary leader in the exciting world of freeskating and racing, Matter.  The two companies were able to combine their expertise and develop the best skate wheels for all kinds of disciplines such as aggressive, freestyle, slalom, recreational, fitness and more.

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Undercover Wheels: Quality and Functionality

All Undercover wheels are manufactured by specialists, composed of state-of-the-art materials and elements, featuring the best PU compound.

A type of wheels known for being more durable, as well as better grip for superior control in control. Light and fast to reach high speeds. All this guarantees the most demanding skaters' compliance.

Undercover wheel diameters

Undercover offers a wide range of sizes from 55mm to 125mm with different profiles including bullet and full radius models.

Bullet model: with them you get more speed and better agility in manoeuvring. They have a larger base for sliding wheels and less wheel bite in the mills.

Full radius model: with this wheel model a higher stability is achieved. They are better for landings on the surface, they also exert less friction on wheel slippage and come with a roll of better consistency.

Sizes and models:

- 55 mm: full radius model.

- 58 mm: full radius model.

- 60 mm: bullet model.

- 72 mm: bullet model.

- 76 mm: bullet / full radius model.

- 80 mm: bullet / full radius model.

- 84 mm: bullet model.

- 90 mm: bullet model.

- 100 mm: bullet model.

- 110 mm: bullet model.

- 125 mm: bullet model.

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Brand History

The well-known brand Undercover Wheels is a company located in the city of Huntington Beach in the state of California, United States. It manufactures and markets high quality skate wheels with the most creative, stylish and colourful designs on the market.

Undercover Wheels has been a top seller of aggressive and powerblading skate wheels for a long time and is in high demand by freeskaters of all levels. 

The union of Undercover and Matter has launched the Wildlife collection where they offer a monumental selection of wheels, becoming the most complete and largest catalogue on the market.