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Discover the range of FR Skates FR1, the perfect skates for freeskate and slalom. Each model is designed to offer a superior experience with specific features that adapt to your style. Precisely engineered, these skates combine advanced technology and high-quality materials to provide you with the safety, control, and the right comfort you need.

Choose the FR1 skates that best suit your style

Select the FR Skates FR1 model that best suits you and transform every ride into a unique experience. The FR FR1 skates are designed to elevate your freeskate and slalom skating to the next level, and you can purchase the different variants:

  • FR Skates FR1 80: Urban agility at its finest. With 80mm wheels, this model allows you to maneuver with ease between obstacles, ideal for slalom and dynamic freeskate.
  • FR Skates FR1 310: Speed and stability unite. Three 110mm wheels provide a smooth and fast ride, perfect for long journeys and high-speed explorations.
  • FR Skates FR1 80 Deluxe: Superior quality for the demanding skater. Enhancements in comfort and performance make this model the luxury choice for those seeking the best in freeskate.
  • FR Skates FR1 80 Deluxe Intuition: Personalized comfort. With a lining that adapts to the shape of your foot, this model is ideal for prolonged sessions without sacrificing performance.