Scooters or also known as kick-scooters, are a well known transport method which is perfect to have a ride around the city and Parks in a funny and economic way. To practise this sport is so easy, just place your hands in the handlebar, place your foot in the scooter deck and push with your other foot. There’s scooters for everyone, adults or kids. There’s also differents styles and modalities.

As easy as that!

Nowadays scooters are not only used to ride around, a lot of riders practise freestyle scooter, a well known sport which consists in perform stunts and tricks, you can perform them on air, ramps, rails, stairs and even flat.

Most scooters feature the following parts:

  • Scooter deck.
  • Handlebars.
  • Clamps and SCS.
  • Forks.
  • Headsets.
  • Wheels.
  • Brakes.
  • Grips.
  • Griptapes.
  • Pegs.
  • Hardware.

At Slide inLine we supply  all parts and components needed so you can create a custom scooter with your style.

Differents styles of scooter avaliable

Theres a lot of types and styles of scooters, this is where you must know which will suit best your riding to make the best choice.

Urban scooter (conventional): with them you can ride around city centers calmly and feel an awesome feeling by sliding through the streets. This is the classic model of scooters, lightweight and easy to handle. Their material is simpler than the ones used in stunts.

Foldable scooter: this scooters were created so you can fold it in order to take the less ammount of space wether you just fold it to save it in your room or to get in the bus, train or flight.

Freestyle scooters: this style is used to perform stunts. They’re built with the strongest materials and they resist all type of impacts done while performing tricks and jumps with your scooter.

Electric scooters: a new model of scooters compared to the traditional kick-scooters. Designed as an easy and ecofriendly method of transportation, easy to carry and park. This electric scooter are equiped with an engine to accelerate your scooter with a handle placed in the handlebar for acceleration and a brake aswell. They come with a battery and it’s usually fast charging. You can find different scooters sorted by power and speed, you can find scooters at 350W, 500W, 700W and even 2000W.

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