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Manufacturing materials

Skateboarding decks are made from an excellent maplewood, offering high strength and lasting the hardest impacts against the ground after doing tricks or jumping gaps in the street or in your favourite skatepark.

Skateboard wheels are made from poliurethane. They come in different sizes and hardness, which determines their resistence. It’s important to know which skateboarding style you’ll develop to choose the wheels that fit best. If you want to do big jumps, spins and flip combinations you should get the biggest resistence ones. But if you’re willing to use it as transportation or just to cruise you’d rather use small wheels, because they’re smoother and lighter for an easier control, and being closer to the floor gives you better balance.

Skateboarding history

It all started by some surfers from United States of America, which wanted to take the adrenaline feeling the had in the waves to the ground. They thought top ut wheels to their boards to slide.

In 1960 the first skateboards began to be sold, boards made from Wood and wheels were metal and clay. Some years after they designed and manufactured poliurethane wheels, succeeding in speed, strength, mobility and that material became the industry material standard for wheels.

Sales increased in the 80s due to its popularity and tren, many people was added to the skateboarding world. This made skateboard market became what we see nowadays.

Easy tricks to start practicing with your skateboard:

• Ollie: this is one of the basics and early tricks, you can make it stopped or in movement. With both feet on the deck you must step on the tail of your deck with your backfoot and control the pop with your front foot, then landing back to the floor with balance. 

• Frontside Ollie: once you’ve mastered the Ollie you’ll be able to try this, the difference is that you add a 180º spin to the jump and it’s perfect to perform at ramps or jumping obstacles.

• Kickflip: this trick is quite easy, it’s mostly about foot placement before you Ollie, you must make your board spin and place your feet back on. 

• Slide/Grind: to make this trick you need control and balance, you must jump on a ledge, rail or cooping and slide with the trucks or board 

With the right practice and training you’ll be able to do this simple tricks and progress to do harder stunts and bigger jumps. You could even become a profesional skater. First, you should buy the right skateboard to start this passionate sport that’s already in the Olympics.