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Features of the artistic Ice Skates

If you practice artistic ice skating you'll need a good pair of skates to improve in this beautiful discipline. The design of this skates is more stylish than the rest of skates, and in addition to give more freedom of movement to the feet, boots have less protection and covering, being the boot height taller with laces to tight them in most models of ice skates.

Because of the stunts performed with this type of skates, they're made with synthetic materials so they are light and strong. Some professional ice skates are created to the skaters foot shape so they adapt and fit as tight as a glove.

Other feature of ice skates is the blade at the bottom of the boot. The front part of these blades are designed specially to give the maximum grip to the skater during its stunts and jumps. If you have any question or doubts when choosing your artistic ice skates contact us and one of our experts will advice you, no strings attached.