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If you’re looking for the best skateboard decks in the market in our shop we got what you need, the latest and best designs, made from the most durable woods, resistent to all type of use and the best for an affordable price.

Buy your skateboard decks in Slide Inline

When chosing your skateboard deck it’s important to check the different features. One of these are brands, you could have a brand preference, due to its feeling, its designs or the profesional skateboarders that form their team. But we got plenty of boards from the best brands so you can have your choice in brands, sizes and designs. And of course we ensure the brands we supply have the best quality in the industry.

To chose the best skateboard deck from all we got it’s imposible to do, since its a preference of brand, sizes and designs. It can be a struggle to decide but you can contact our team so they can help you a advice before your purchase. We are sure we also bring the best value for money, we have affordable decks that will perform good.

The best skateboard decks from the top brands

If you knew us, you’d known we like working with the best quality, because of that you got more than 140 skateboard decks from the top brands just a click away.

Most boards are made from best wood sheets being piled and pressed. Theres different quality due to its quantity of sheets and type of wood, 7 sheets of canadian mapple wood is a good example of a good quality deck. Some brands include a carbon or glass fiber sheet in between the sheets, which improves its quality, performance and resistence.

One of the latest improvement in the skateboards market is the “Everslick”, which Santa Cruz has included. This consists on adding a termoplastic sheet on the bottom of the board, therefore it can slide on any surface, no doubt it’s a wonderful idea for skateboarding world.

Parts and sizes of a skateboard deck

Without looking at designs and colours lets have a quick check on the features of a skateboard deck and what sizes you should consider:


Is the part the is lifted at the back of the board


This parts is lifted at the front part of the board, from the edge of the nose to the edge of the tail there’s around 30-31” (inches) this isn’t a size to consider since most boards have an standard length.


The middle part of the deck is curved in a concave form, this helps feet have a better grip when doing tricks, the more curved is the concave the more feeling of grip you’ll feel. If you instead skate a low concave you’ll feel freedom of movement, of course this choice is a matter of preferences. The best is to try a middle one and test the shapes and with some time you’ll know if you need more grip or more freedom for your feet.


The wide size of the board it’s clearly the most important when choosing. The adult skateboard decks are usually from size 7,5” to 8.5” (inches) and two factors to check are your footsize and the use you’ll make of it.

Now you know! In Slide Inline we got a large range so you can choose the perfect deck, buying at the best price, and always have the latest brands at reach with new models, designs, drawings, compositions… all the newest products for this year.

Remember we have a professional team that will advice you to choose the right deck for you or just to answer any doubt you have, also at the left partof your screen you have a bar where you can filter your search and specify what you’re looking for.