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Blunt Prodigy, the ultimate pro scooter

A range of pro scooters that represent the pinnacle of quality and innovative design: the "Blunt Prodigy" series from Blunt Envy Scooters.

Blunt Scooters is a brand revered in the world of freestyle scooting, known for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Each scooter bearing its name is not just a means of transportation but a moving work of art, designed to elevate the experience of every rider.

Blunt Prodigy Scooters Available

Within this prestigious brand, the Blunt Prodigy model stands as a pillar of performance and style. This scooter has been meticulously designed to meet the needs of the most demanding riders, offering a perfect blend of durability, functionality, and striking aesthetics. Among the variants of the Prodigy series scooters, the most recent ones are the Blunt Prodigy S9 and the Blunt Prodigy X:

  • Blunt Prodigy S9 Hex: With a design inspired by geometric shapes, this variant is not only visually striking but also provides a robust structure for complex maneuvers.
  • Blunt Prodigy S9 Chrome: Shine on the track with its chromed finish, reflecting the light and passion of every rider who mounts it.
  • Blunt Prodigy S9 Matted Oil Slick: A combination of mysterious colors with a matte finish, perfect for those looking to stand out with a unique style.
  • Blunt Prodigy S9 XS Matted Oil Slick: A more compact version of the Matted Oil Slick, ideal for younger riders or those who prefer a smaller platform.
  • Blunt Prodigy X Street: This variant is specifically designed for the urban rider, with modifications that prioritize maneuverability and control in street environments.
  • Blunt Prodigy X: The essence of the Prodigy series with a focus on overall performance and versatility.
  • Blunt Prodigy S9 Galaxy: Take yourself to the cosmos with this design that captures the vastness and beauty of outer space.
  • Blunt Prodigy S9 Black Oil Slick: A dark and mysterious look with bursts of color that capture everyone's attention.
  • Blunt Prodigy S9 Oil Slick: Similar to the Black Oil Slick but with a wider and more vibrant color spectrum.
  • Blunt Prodigy S9 Swirl: A whirlwind of colors representing the movement and energy of freestyle scooting.
  • Blunt Prodigy S9 Toxic: Striking colors and bold design for those who want to stand out on the track.
  • Blunt Prodigy S9 Street (Black, Grey, White): Three color options, each designed to provide an imposing presence and exceptional performance on the street.
  • Blunt Prodigy S9 XS Chrome: A smaller version of the Chrome, perfect for riders looking for all the features of Prodigy in a more compact package.

Each variant of the Blunt Prodigy series has been carefully designed to provide an unparalleled freestyle scooter experience. From the high-quality materials to the innovative designs and striking colors, these scooters are ready to take your skills to the next level.