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The brakes you’re looking for your scooter are in our online shop, we supply a large range of the best brakes, with different choices on each type of brake. Also, you’ll find detailed info so you don’t have any doubt about the producto you’ll buy, therefore we’ll solve any of your doubts.

Brakes for Freestyle Scooters

The freestyle scooter brakes are made to be really durable, and at the same time cheap, so they usually are all ranged around low prices. The brake is always place on top and alligned with back wheel, teres two types of brakes;

Spring bolt Brake

This type of brake comes in the basic scooters and are standard, they’re usually for kids scooter and also some freestyle scooters for the low range prices. This brake system is made by three parts; the spring, the bolt and the brake. It’s usual that after some periof of time the brake starts being loose, that’s a sign it’s time to change it for a new one.

Flex Fender Brake

This type of brakes are made in just a piece, they’re bolted to the scooter deck tightly and it’s an excellent result brake, totally dialed and long lasting. We can find these in the high quality scooters.

There’s also a type of brakes named fender or footfender which block the brake from stepping on the wheels, the use of these has been growing a lot for the past years

If you have any doubt about what could be the right brake for you scooter you could contact us in our phone number or social media, where we can give you some tips so you can find the right choice, we supply the best brands of the market at the best price.