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The NATIVE Stem Forks are made using a combination of Forging and CNC machining. These Forks are for use with SCS and feature a debossed NATIVE Emblem front and centre. Stem is the result of extensive and brutal testing in the streets to develop a whole new range from the ground up specifically for the younger (and often smaller) upcoming street riders...
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Nowadays, most scooter forks are made threadless, because they are more resistent when being held by a handlebar or SCS.

This forks are lighter than used to be, you’ll need to find its right configuration for its compression system. There’s many compression systems which allow the scooter to spin smoothly producing the mínimum friction when doing barspins or tailwhips.

Forks for Freestyle Scootering

We still can find threaded forks in the entry level scooter, theyre good for learning the basic tricks and easy to install. But after some time you’ll notice it’s really hard to improve and do a doble tailwhip flat with such a rough headset/fork.

¿What are forks made of?

Forks are usually made from aluminum or steel, the ones made of steel are heavier but stronger than the aluminum ones. Even though aluminum doesn’t last that long they’re usually used by advanced level riders due to its weight.

Aluminum forks are usually more expensive than steel, if you’re starting in this sport we recommend you choose a steel, they’ll work perfectly.

If you’re looking for a high quality fork or one that simply adapts to your needs look in our online shop, where we offer the best from the current market.

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