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Buy skateboard for kids at the best price.

In Slide Inline you will find a wide variety of skateboards for kids looking to experience the adrenaline of doing outdoor sports. In our online shop you will find the best prices on the market, without sacrificing the quality and safety of our products. From beginner skateboards to more advanced configurations, you can find the most suitable model for your child.

What is a children's skateboard?

Children's skateboards are miniature versions of complete skateboards, designed specifically for younger riders. Also known as mini skates, these models come in a variety of board sizes to suit the needs of younger riders.

There is no specific age to start skateboarding, although in general, children as young as 5 years old can get on a skateboard.

Why buy a kids skateboard?

Skateboard for kids, do not have big differences with adult models, in terms of functionality and components. It is true that for beginners we can find smaller skateboards that can carry bushings and softer wheels that will make it a little softer.

The main difference between skateboards for children and adult skateboards lies in the drawings of the boards. The kids skateboards usually have more colorful, fun and eye-catching patterns compared to adult skateboard models, which makes them more appealing to the little ones.

How to choose a skateboard for kids?

When choosing a skateboard for your children, the size of the board is the most important thing to consider. If the child is a beginner, it is important to choose a board with the right width, which is about the same length as his or her shoe. If the skateboard is too narrow, it can make it difficult for them to balance and make the experience less fun.

Once you have the right skateboard for your child, it is important that your child always wears the proper protections, such as knee pads, elbow pads and children's skateboard helmets to ensure their safety. If you have any doubts about what size board to choose for your child contact us and we will be happy to help you.