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Buy Heelys roller shoes at the best price

Heelys roller shoes feature a system that allows you to easily remove and insert the wheel so you can roll and walk whenever you want. In our online store, you can buy Heelys shoes at the best price on the internet.

Heelys shoes with wheels have one or two wheels in the heel, allowing kids and adults to walk, run, and skate at any time. Roll in any situation, or simply remove the wheel and transform your Heelys into a pair of sports shoes with unique designs.

Heelys Accessories

Here you can find all the original Heelys accessories you need to keep your shoes in top condition. From tools to wheels, you can buy all accessories at the best price online.

Heelys History

Heelys was founded in the USA in 2000 and is headquartered in Texas. They specialize in creating high-quality footwear for kids and adults. The shoes with wheels by Heelys were the first to use this system and are still by far the best on the market today.

The designs of Heelys shoes are unique, fun, and always fashionable, making them suitable for girls, boys, and adults. If you remove the wheel, you can use them for walking or skating, and if you decide to put it back, you can use them for rolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to walk in Heelys?

No, with your Heelys shoes, walking is just as easy as skating.

Is there an age limit for Heelys?

There is no age limit for Heelys; both kids and adults can use them.

Can I use my Heelys indoors?

Of course! You just need to be a little careful not to hit anything, bump into something, or scratch the floor. If you’re a kid, make sure you have permission first.

Where can I buy Heelys roller shoes?

You can buy Heelys online in Spain at our store for the best price. We have all sizes and models available.