Tech Deck

If you're looking for a way to take your skateboarding tricks to the next level, then Tech Deck is the brand for you. With its scaled-down skateboard replicas, Tech Deck offers you the opportunity to practice your skills anytime, anywhere.

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At our online store, we carry a wide selection of Tech Deck fingerboard products, including skateboards, ramps, packs and more. Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your skills or an expert looking for new challenges, you'll find everything you need to take your tricks to the next level with Tech Deck mini skateboards.

Tech Deck: History

Tech Deck was created in the 1990s and belongs to the Canadian company Spin Master. In its early years, it was sold as a collectible toy for adults, but quickly became popular with young people and kids, who use it to practice tricks and create their own designs.

It is a toy that has become very popular around the world in recent years. It consists of a small skateboard, usually a few centimeters long, with movable axles and wheels that allow you to simulate the skateboarding experience in your own hands. In addition, many well-known brands such as Santa Cruz make their own limited editions for Tech Deck.

Parts of a Tech Deck skateboard

Before you start learning tricks with your Tech Deck, it's important to understand the different parts that make it up:


The Tech Deck board is the main part of the toy. It is usually 8 to 10 centimeters long and is made of plastic or wood, as the famous Tech Deck performance series. The board has a similar design to a real skateboard, with a pattern on the top that provides grip for your fingers.


The trucks are the parts that connect the board to the wheels. They are responsible for allowing the board to tilt to one side or the other and for holding the wheels in place. The Tech Deck's trucks are very similar to those of a real skateboard, but much smaller.


The Tech Deck wheels are small, usually a few millimeters in diameter. They are made of plastic and are similar in design to the wheels of a full-size skateboard. The wheels are responsible for allowing the Tech Deck to move over a surface and for maintaining balance while performing tricks.

How to choose a Tech Deck?

If you are interested in buying a Tech Deck finger skateboard, there are a few things to keep in mind to choose the best model for you:


Most Tech Decks are made of plastic, but there are also wooden models available. Wooden Tech Decks are more durable and have a more authentic look, but they also come at a slightly higher price.


Tech Decks come in different sizes, from the smallest 96 mm to the largest 139 mm. Choose a size that suits your hands and skill level.


There is a wide variety of Tech Deck designs available in our online store, from models with simple designs to models with designs of your favorite skaters. Choose a design that you like and that inspires you to practice.


Can I do the same tricks on a Tech Deck as on a real skateboard?

Yes, the same tricks you can do on a real skateboard can be done on a Tech Deck. However, the smaller size of the Tech Deck can make some tricks more difficult to perform.

Can I customize my Tech Deck?

Yes, you can customize your Tech Deck with stickers, paint and other accessories.

What is a limited edition Tech Deck?

A limited edition Tech Deck is a model that is produced in limited quantities and usually has a unique design.

What skills can I develop with a Tech Deck?

With a Tech Deck, you can develop skills such as coordination, balance and concentration.

Are there Tech Deck competitions?

Yes, there are Tech Deck competitions all over the world, where skateboarders compete in different categories of tricks.

Can I use my Tech Deck in a real skate park?

No, Tech Decks are designed for use on flat surfaces and are not suitable for use on a real skate park.