Ethic DTC

Ethic DTC

Ethic DTC is a brand that despite its youth already has a prestige, a history, a desire to continue to grow and since 2012 has become a benchmark of scooters freestyle.

Ethic DTC Scooters wants to put ethics at the center of everything. In an environment ruled by money, they have taken the decision to reduce margins, betting on development, while respecting the spirit of the sport. By manufacturing high quality parts that are accessible to everyone.

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Buy Ethic DTC Scooters at Slide Inline

The Ethic DTC brand is dedicated to design and manufacture high quality scooters and excellent performance, coming to meet all the requirements of the freestyle rider.

Ethic DTC scooters are lightweight and very stable and also have a wide range of parts and components so you can repair or customize your scooter EThic.

In our online store we have for sale an exclusive catalog with the best Ethic DTC pro scooters, as well as all its accessories and parts.

Quality in Ethic DTC products

At Slide Inline we offer you a wide range of accessories and spare parts for Ethic DTC scooters at unbeatable prices. Ideal for riders who need to renew their already deteriorated parts and be able to continue adapting the scooter to their needs. 

In the Ethic DTC catalog you can find: boards (scooter bases), wheels, handlebars, forks, brakes, steering, clamps, spacers, transition base spacers, bearings, grips, pegs, screws, scooter support, spiders, waxes, sandpaper, stickers, we also have for sale a useful and convenient tool used to adjust the compression screws.

For any questions, you can contact our specialized team that will advise you on everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Ethic DTC?

In Slide inLine's online store you can buy Ethic DTC scooters, accessories and components at the best price.

What is the price of Ethic scooters?

From 160€ you can buy a scooter of the brand Ethic DTC.

What is the delivery time of Ethic?

If your order is in stock we will send it within 24 hours to the peninsula.