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FR Skates FR3 Inline Skates

Discover the thrill of urban skating with the FR Skates FR3 freeskate and slalom skates. Designed for passionate skaters, the FR Skates brand aims to improve your techniques and style. The FR3 skates offer unparalleled maneuverability, stability, and customization. Whether you prefer the speed and agility of the FR3 310 or the versatility of the FR3 80, you can find them at Slide Inline.

Available FR Skates FR3 Models

Within the range of FR Skates FR3 available at Slide Inline, you have two variants: FR3 310 and FR3 80.

  • The FR Skate FR3 310 is ideal for exciting and fast urban skating with exceptional maneuverability and stability,
  • The FR Skate FR3 80 focuses on versatility and adaptability for different skating styles.

Both models are designed to evolve your skating experience, and they offer customization with color kits. Without a doubt, an advanced option to ensure a superior and personalized skating experience.