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Here you will find the best selection of accessories and surfskate decks from YOW. Experience the feeling of surfing the streets and sidewalks, taking with you the adrenaline and fluidity of surfing in every movement. Whether you are passionate about skateboarding, surfing or just looking for a new way to have fun and stay active, with the YOW Surfskate brand you will get a unique experience.

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YOW Surfskates
System: YOW System V4
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Discover the thrill of surfing on land with Yow surfskates, buy them in our online store at the best price on the Internet. These boards are designed to simulate the feeling of surfing on asphalt. It incorporates a Yow truck system, which allows you to turn and pump in a similar way as you would on a real wave. These surfskates are built with high quality materials to ensure exceptional durability and performance.

Yow Surfskate History and Origins

Yow had its beginnings at the start of the 21st century on the northern coast of Spain, with its creators being three brothers from Irun: Iban, Igor and Ander. Shortly after, they gave life to HLC, which today has become the leading distributor of renowned skate brands in the industry. The Iraola brothers were unhappy with the secondary role that skateboarding played in Europe compared to the United States, and it was then that they decided to manufacture their own decks in their home workshop.

Today, Yow has achieved international prestige status as a prominent brand within the industry. In addition to the popular YOW decks, from their factory in Irun they produce some of the world's most recognized brands such as Iron Trucks or Jart Skateboards.

Features of Yow surfskates

  • Yow truck system: The heart of Yow surfskates is their patented truck system, which uses a unique mechanism that mimics the sensation of surfing. This allows you to perform tight turns, quick direction changes and fluid pumping, mimicking the movements you would make on a wave.
  • High-quality boards: Each Yow surfskate is made from premium materials, such as maple wood and fiberglass, which ensure a solid and durable construction. These boards are designed to withstand wear and tear and perform well for a long time.
  • Variety of models: Yow offers a wide range of surfskates to suit different styles and preferences. From shorter, more agile decks for fast turns to longer, more stable models for a more relaxed surfing style, there is an option for every type of rider.