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Blunt Scooters
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Specially designed with functionality in mind our TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) Hand Grips they are designed to divert hand sweat away from the hands and provide the ultimate grip whilst remaining soft and light. They come with two Nylon Bar ends that are strong against scraping and cutting and offer a good protection to your bar.
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Hand Grips


Striker Scooter
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Do you want to change your scooter grips? You’re lucky, because we got the best grips and plenty of designs with great comfort and control, you just got to choose your favorite. In our online shop you’ll find a large range of scooter grips made from the most resistent and highest quality materials from the best brands.

Grips for Scooters

The scooter grips are really important to do tricks and have a good control, they’re essential for you to manage doing big landings while gripping the best posible, also they allow to enjoy comfort with different patterns.

The scooter grips you can buy in Slide Inline are made of foam, rubber or a mix of both, you can find many brands like Apex, Root, Ethic, Blunt, North, Wise…

Also, you’ll have the choice from colores, designs, pattern and sizes, therefore you can customize your scooter to the maximum. If you want you scooter to stand out you’re in the right place.

Freestyle Scooter Grips from top brands

Nowadays we got a large variety of freestyle scooter grips made from different brands like Blunt or Ethic, these brands are known for its good quality, all of them come with barends.

Most grips come now flangeless, the flange is a ring that goes in the inside part of the grip and allows more grip for some tricks, but might make some other movements harder.

It’s not always simple top ut new grips on your scooter, it can be a real challenge, because of that we recommend you to use hydroalcoholic gel or some window cleaner, this way the will slide easy in your handlebar and they will dry fast too.