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Chopsticks Wheels by Eagle Supply is a new brand designed to provide quality scooter wheels at an exceptional price. Made in China and proud of it, these wheels will compete with other brand's premium wheels on everything but price.
Scooter wheels


Will Prentice has propelled Elite Scooters to a dominant position within the scooter industry by consistently producing some of best selling parts and supporting some of the world’s best riders. For this collaboration we really wanted to get together with another UK brand to develop a part that would help unite us in our goal of developing the UK scene.
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If your scooter wheels are worn or have flatspots due to it’s daily use, and your willing to ride a new pair, or if you just simply want to customize your scooter with another pair of matching wheels you should know we work with the best brands and you’ll have the best quality scooter wheels at the best price guaranteed, providing you with 100% warranty service.

Scooter wheels for daily use – transportation

If you’re enjoying your scooter as a transport and ride it through the city to go to class, work or just have a ride around the city, we recommend you to buy light wheels, so you can feel the pavement with more ease and smoothness. At Slide Inline we offer a wide range of models, colors and designs for high quality scooters.

Freestyle Scooter wheels - stunts

If you ride your scooter and do jumps and stunts with it you’ll need to buy a pair of strong wheels that must be resistent to the heavy impacts with a strong core to hold and absorb all jumps against the ground.

This freestyle scooter wheels are made in different sizes, most common sizes are 100mm, 110mm, 120mm. You must know not all scooter are compatible with those diameters. Theres also wheels with different wides 24mm, 28mm and 30mm. 24mm is the standard.

When buying new wheels for your freestyle scooter you must think of the use and what surfaces you will ride more. If you ride more skateparks or if you ride in the streets, or if you do both, you can ask us and we will find a pair of wheels that adapts to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us!

The best scooter wheel brands

In all our categories we supply the best from each brand, to provide with quality guaranteed wheels. We have a large variety of models, so you can find your favorite one.

Therefore, if you’re looking for wheel with great gripness and hardness so you are safer when doing big jumps and combined tricks, here in our webpage you’ll find a category with a large list so you can find the appropiate for you.

Buy in Slide Inline at the best price

On the left side of your screen you have a search bar which you can filter any product or specification you’re looking for.

In Slide Inline we have a work team highly experienced that will advice you on which scooter wheels you should buy, the one that adapts best to your riding style and the use you plan to give them.

At the bottom you can find our contact numbers and social media to communicate with our team, that will be pleased to answer any questions you might have, for you to be properly informed about your next scooter wheels purchase.

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