Rollerblade has always been hailed as the pioneer of one of the fastest-growing sports worldwide. Rollerblade skates are renowned as some of the best and highest-selling in the world, boasting one of the most happening collections in the rollerblading realm.

Here, you get the full range of the brand - be it inline skates, speed skates, fitness, freestyle, or aggressive ones.


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Our online store is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of Rollerblade skates, accessories, spare parts, and all sorts of components from the prestigious American brand. In our Rollerblade catalog, you can buy inline skates perfect for speed skating, long-distance, fitness, urban, freestyle, and aggressive skating.

You'll also find the latest Rollerblade protections including helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and other protective gear. We've got all the spare parts you need to upgrade or repair your skates, such as pieces, replacements, guides, brakes, or wheels for Rollerblade skates. Plus, at Slide inLine, you can grab the most popular models and all the latest from the brand, like the Rollerblade Twister or the RB.

Rollerblade Inline Skate Protection

With Rollerblade skates, you can glide through the city or do freestyle tricks in parks with more confidence and determination. Whatever your skating style, it's always recommended to use protections.

Rollerblade isn't just about inline skates; they also produce components and protections for skates:

  1. Helmet: It's the primary protective gear you should wear to avoid severe head injuries caused by a fall or a hard hit to the ground.
  2. Wrist guards: These protect your wrists and palms from scrapes, bruises, and dangerous fractures by absorbing most of the collision against the surface.
  3. Elbow pads: They offer considerable safety to your elbows, mitigating damages from hard impacts caused by accidents and falling onto the ground.
  4. Knee pads: Thanks to these, you can prevent harsh scrapes or injuries generated on the knees when you fall and hit the asphalt directly.

Rollerblade: Brand History

Rollerblade was born in Minnesota in 1980 when two hockey-loving brothers were intrigued by the idea of practicing the sport outside the ice rink, which led them to discover inline skates.

While improving new prototypes of inline skates in their parents' basement, the company kept moving forward, establishing what it is today.

The brand progressed in the '80s, especially locally, striving to establish inline skating as a new sport, developing marketing plans through events, contests, and other skating-related activities. They were the pioneers in propelling inline skating into popularity.

The onset of international sales began in the '90s, leading to a significant market and industry expansion, promoted by major advances in technology, offering lighter skates with more durable materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rollerblade's delivery time?

If we have it in stock, delivery within the peninsula is 24 hours.

Where can I buy Rollerblade skates?

You can buy them at the best online price from Slide inLine's online store.

Do you offer discounts on this brand?

Yes, during sale periods and Black Friday. To stay updated on all offers, subscribe to our newsletter.

How do you spell Rollerblade?

While the most common way to write the brand name is Rollerblade, it could also be written as roller-blade, if you're not referring to the brand.

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