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Differences between a longboard and a conventional skateboard?

Unlike the skateboard, the longboard is a larger board that allows you to glide at high speeds with greater fluidity and perform movements similar to surfing. Although it limits a little the possibility of performing some of the tricks that can be performed on a conventional skateboard, it is a much more functional board to move around on a daily basis.

The technical characteristics that differentiate a longboard deck from other skateboards are basically the following: the longest board, usually measures over 80 centimeters and in some cases reaches dimensions of up to 1'60m long, the axles are also wider, which allows the longboard wheels are larger in diameter and also in the case of the long are composed of slightly softer materials. All these pieces as well as the complete longboards can be purchased in our online store at the best price online.

It is also commonly used for descents on the road. Some of the most famous longboarders have reached speeds of up to 120km/h on the board (Yes, we also get our hair standing on end). The peculiarity of being a larger board also gives the skater more stability and the ability to make turns up to 360 °.

But we continue explaining; within the practice of the longboard we can differentiate different styles or modalities and in each of them we will have to be used in a way, therefore the longboard decks also have different characteristics.

Types of longboards and modalities


Cruising consists of using our longboard as a means of transportation. Going to class, to work or crossing the whole city riding our board is one of the most common practices of longboarding. Have you ever thought of replacing the bike for something more manageable and that you can store anywhere?

Technically they are shorter skateboards and have a slightly raised tail to be able to face the different obstacles. In our online longboards section you can find the different colors that also characterize the boards of this modality.


More than a modality, it is a specific skating technique. It is to take the board from side to side of the road, making turns, much like zigzagging in the snow with a snowboard.

Technically they are boards with an intermediate size between 34" (86,36cm) and 41" (104,14cm), with enough flex, the longboard axles with softer bushings to facilitate the smoothness of the turn.


With a pair. Downhill is the most thrilling mode of longboarding, where the maximum speeds are reached (around 120km/h). Of course it is a discipline for experts, with a brutal control and absolute handling of our longboard. It is paradoxical but the first thing we recommend you to learn before launching downhill is to brake. The techniques of skidding and footbrake are essential to not hit a good crash.

As with the braking, in reference to Downhill, before talking about the technical characteristics of the board, we will talk about the protections that you will have to use: ALL of them. From head to toe. So take a look at our longboard protective gear section.


Sliding, unlike carving, more than a technique, has already become a modality, because it moves many fans around the events that are organized around this phenomenon. It is to skid the board in a controlled manner, usually in a descent. We talk about technique because this is the most efficient and quickest way to brake. Among the best known skids we can find the Coleman, the Toe Slide or the Heelslide.

Technically the boards are very similar to those used in Carving, with the difference that the wheels are harder, thus reducing the adherence to the ground. For this modality the best boards are hard boards with a lot of lateral concave.

Dancing or Steeps

As its name suggests, the longboard dancing is dancing on our board, stepping forward and backward, crossing legs, turning and jumping on it. If you are going to start in this modality be sure to buy in our store some good protections.

Technically they are the biggest boards with lengths starting at 45" (114,3cm), they usually have more flex to be able to perform tricks on top of them.

Do you want to customize your own board? In our longboard shop you can buy all the parts separately such as bearings and axles.

Frequently asked questions about longboards

What is a longboard?

Longboarding is a sport that originally started in the 60's, 70's and 80's, in which a board longer than a skateboard is used to reach high speeds and have the feeling of surfing the roads. In addition, it has multiple health benefits since, among other things, you will be doing aerobic exercise.

What speed can a longboard reach?

With a longboard you can reach up to 100 km per hour.

What is the best longboard to start with?

If you are going to start in this world, it is best to choose a short longboard.

How much does a longboard cost?

The selling prices of longboards range from 40€ to more than 300€.