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Scooter bearings are essential parts to keep your scooter working good, because with them in good condition will help you go fast and let the wheel spin freely. Each scooter wheel comes with 2 bearings connected by the bolt and spacer from side to side of the wheel.

If your bearings need to be changed because they barely spin or are broken you must know in Slide Inline we have bearings from the best brands in the market, we grant you these bearings will perform perfectly and last a long time if treated carefully.

What bearing adapts better to your needs?

There’s many varieties of bearings, and it’s important to know which is your style of scooter riding to choose the best fit for each rider:

If you ride only on indoor skateparks and clean surfaces, you can ride open bearings because it will give you speed and fast turns. And they won’t get too dirty, try cleaning and greasing them often.

If you instead use it to ride everywhere we recommend sealed bearings and grease them a bit. This type has the best resistence to dirt and dust, making the mainteinance the easiest.

If the adrenaline of high speed and long distances with your scooter is what you love the most, the suitable bearings for that are high pressured ones, lubricated with liquid oil, because these spin so fast. In terms of mainteinance its easy to oil and clean.