fr neo 2 dual 310 teal 3x110mm
Comprar fr neo 2 dual 310 teal 3x110mm
Venta fr neo 2 dual 310 teal 3x110mm
Oferta fr neo 2 dual 310 teal 3x110mm
fr neo 2 dual 310 teal 3x110mm
Comprar fr neo 2 dual 310 teal 3x110mm
Venta fr neo 2 dual 310 teal 3x110mm
Oferta fr neo 2 dual 310 teal 3x110mm


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Buy FR NEO 2 Dual 310 Teal Skates at the best price at Slide Inline

The FR NEO 2 Dual 310 Teal emerges as a jewel of freeskate engineering, promising to transform every skating session into an unprecedented experience. This model not only embodies speed and agility, but also redefines comfort and adaptability, setting new standards in the world of urban skating.

Main features of the FR NEO 2 Dual 310

  • Custom comfort: The dual density anatomical shell together with the FR NEO inner liner with additional padding ensures unprecedented comfort and absolute freedom of movement.
  • Precise fit: 4 adjustment knobs on the cuff and Double Straps, offering exceptional adaptability to the shape of each skater's foot.
  • 5-hole power plates: Ensure optimal power transfer and ideal chassis centering, taking performance to new levels.
  • 3x110 (240 mm) extruded aluminum chassis: Provides a solid base for stability and maneuverability, ideal for dynamic urban skating.
  • FR Downtown 110 wheels: Equipped to deliver speed and control, allowing skaters to conquer the city with confidence.
  • Twincam MW7 bearings: Offer a smooth and fast turn, improving the efficiency of each glide and contributing to the overall smoothness of skating.
  • Low balance point and natural flex: Facilitates free and fluid movement, allowing skaters to experience a flying sensation on the asphalt.
  • Lightweight and Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of urban skating without sacrificing lightness, making every jump and trick easier to execute.
  • Design: With a vibrant Teal color palette and stylized graphics, these skates not only perform exceptionally, but also look spectacular.
  • Versatility: From beginners to experienced skaters looking for new experiences, the FR NEO 2 Dual 310 is suitable for any level.

So put on your protections, fit the skates snugly to your feet, and get ready to challenge the streets with style, comfort and performance that only the FR NEO 2 Dual 310 Teal can offer.

Product Details

Dual Density Anatomical Shell
FR Downtown 110mm 85a
FR NEO Dual Density
FR Extruded Aluminum 3x110 (240mm)
FR Twincam MW7 Freeride
5 holes energy plate - 165mm
Not Included
45º Strap Micro adjustable
Metallic upper

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