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High quality skates to use in many styles

Introducing the UFR 80 Inline Skates, the most versatile and accessible model in the brand new UFR range. These skates are designed to provide you with the ultimate skating experience, whether you're shredding through the streets or showcasing your best tricks at the skatepark. 

Featuring a UFS mounting system, the UFR 80 offers incredible versatility. With the option to transform them from a Freeride setup to Street mode by adding the UFR soulplates and a set of Street Frames, these skates adapt to your skating style and allow you to conquer any terrain with ease.

Available in a wide range of sizes from 34 to 47, the UFR 80 ensures a perfect fit for skaters of all foot sizes. The sleek black color adds a touch of style to your skating ensemble, making a statement as you roll through the streets.

The removable liners of the UFR 80 come with a premium insole, providing exceptional comfort and support during your skating sessions. The FR UFS Freeride Frames, measuring 243mm, offer stability and control for your freeride adventures. The 80mm FR Downtown Black wheels with a hardness rating of 85a provide a perfect balance of speed and grip, allowing you to conquer various surfaces with confidence. The Twincam MW9 Freeride Bearings ensure smooth and efficient rolling, enhancing your overall skating experience.

Equipped with safety buckles and a single strap with an FR Logo Ratchet Buckle, these skates offer a secure and adjustable closure, ensuring a snug and supportive fit. The UFS frame mounting system allows for easy customization and compatibility with various skate parts, giving you the freedom to personalize your setup.

Whether you're into freeride skating or looking to explore the urban landscape, the UFR 80 Inline Skates are designed to exceed your expectations. Experience the perfect combination of performance, versatility, and comfort as you embark on thrilling freeride adventures.

Product Details

FR Downtown 80mm 85a
FRX Shell
FR UFS Freeride - 243mm 4x80 - Flat
Twincam MW9
FR Liner - Removable
Not Included
8mm Single Axles System

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