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The Carver Aipa Sting surfskate, inspired by the legendary Hawaiian surfer and shaper Ben Aipa, pays homage to the historic 'Da Sting' surfboard. In 1974, Ben crafted this quick-turning shape specifically for Larry Bertleman, recognizing his immense talent and the maneuvers he aimed to accomplish. Ben's insight into the future of surfing led him to imagine the board dynamics necessary for those remarkable moves.

In a fortuitous collaboration with the Aipa family, Carver brings you a surfskate model that replicates the swift turning and fast pumping maneuvers pioneered by Carver Skateboards in 1996. Just like the iconic blue flames airbrushed on classic surfboards, the Aipa Sting features a clear sugar coat grip that showcases timeless aesthetics.

You have the option to choose between the CX or C7 truck for your Aipa Sting surfskate, both offering exceptional performance. The truck color is raw, exuding a sleek and silver appearance. Equipped with 69mm Smoke Concave wheels, known for their exceptional grip and control, this surfskate ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride. The built-in bearings further enhance the overall performance right out of the box.

The deck of the Aipa Sting surfskate boasts a Deck Pad Print Grip grip tape, providing reliable traction and stability. The hardware used is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

Measuring at 30 3/4" in length and 10 1/4" in width, this surfskate offers a comfortable and stable platform for riders of all levels. The wheelbase spans 16 3/4", striking a perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. The nose measures 3 1/2" while the tail extends to 6 3/8", optimizing the board's performance in various conditions.

Additionally, the Aipa Sting surfskate is compatible with Carver's 68mm Mag, 69mm Concave, and 70mm Mag wheels, providing riders with the opportunity to customize their ride according to their preferences and style.

Experience the Carver Aipa Sting surfskate, designed to capture the essence of Ben Aipa's visionary surfing and shaping expertise. With its exceptional components and renowned design, this surfskate invites you to push your limits and explore new realms of performance.

Product Details

Carver Smoke Concave 69mm
Built-In ABEC 7
Color RAW

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