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carver glass off 32"
Comprar carver glass off 32"
Venta carver glass off 32"
carver glass off 32"
Comprar carver glass off 32"
Venta carver glass off 32"


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  • Carver C7
  • Carver CX


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Surfskate with a classic shape and graphic on both sides

As the sun sets beneath fiery clouds, the Carver Glass Off surfskate beckons you to embrace the evening glass-off session. With its mid-length diamond tail design, this board is ready to ride the glassy orange tubes that roll in during the twilight hours. The longer wheelbase of the Glass Off surfskate allows you to draw out smooth lines and find your flow, because, in the pursuit of perfection, rushing is not an option.

You have the option to choose between the CX or C7 truck for your Glass Off surfskate. The truck color is available in a sleek silver raw finish, adding a touch of style to your ride. Equipped with 70mm Mag Smoke wheels with a durometer of 78A, this surfskate ensures a smooth and controlled ride. The built-in bearings contribute to optimal performance right out of the box.

The deck of the Glass Off surfskate showcases a full top graphic with a sugarcoat texture grip tape, combining visual appeal with reliable traction. The hardware used is made of stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and resistance to corrosion.

Measuring at 32" in length and 9 7/8" in width, this surfskate provides a comfortable and stable platform for riders. The wheelbase spans 17 5/8", striking a balance between stability and maneuverability. The nose measures 3 3/4" while the tail extends to 6 1/2", enhancing the board's overall performance and versatility.

Additionally, the Glass Off surfskate is compatible with Carver's 68mm Mag, 69mm Concave, and 70mm Mag wheels, giving you the flexibility to customize your ride according to your preferences and style.

Embrace the magic of the Carver Glass Off surfskate, designed to capture the essence of those enchanting glass-off sessions. With its exceptional design and high-quality components, this surfskate invites you to experience the perfect harmony between style and performance.

Product Details

9 7/8"
17 5/8"
Roundhouse MAG 70mm 78a
RAW Color
Sugar Coat
6 1/2"
3 3/4"

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