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solitary urban 200 brown-black
Comprar solitary urban 200 brown-black
Venta solitary urban 200 brown-black
Oferta solitary urban 200 brown-black
solitary urban 200 brown-black
Comprar solitary urban 200 brown-black
Venta solitary urban 200 brown-black
Oferta solitary urban 200 brown-black


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Introducing the SOLITARY URBAN 200 Adult Kick Scooter, the perfect companion for urban adventurers. This scooter is meticulously designed with a focus on quality and functionality to enhance your commuting and leisure experiences.

Experience smooth rides with the high-quality wheels made of aluminium and steel, ensuring durability and stability on various terrains. These wheels, with a diameter of 200mm, provide excellent traction and responsiveness, allowing you to glide effortlessly through the city streets.

One of the standout features of the SOLITARY URBAN 200 is its space-saving design. Thanks to the clamp bracket on the handlebar, you can easily fold and store the scooter when not in use. Whether it's in your apartment, office, or on public transport, this scooter offers convenience without compromising on performance.

The deck, measuring 14cm, features a solid down tube construction for enhanced strength and durability. You can trust that this scooter is built to withstand the demands of daily urban commuting.

With a sealed threadless headset, the SOLITARY URBAN 200 ensures a smooth and responsive steering experience. Say goodbye to wobbles and enjoy precise control as you navigate through crowded streets and tight corners.

The ergonomically shaped, one-piece handlebar adds to the overall comfort and stability of the scooter. It is designed to provide a natural and secure grip, allowing you to maintain control even during longer rides. 

Equipped with Abec 7 ball bearings, the scooter delivers a smooth and efficient rolling experience. Whether you're cruising along the sidewalk or picking up speed on a downhill stretch, the SOLITARY URBAN 200 ensures a reliable and enjoyable ride.

The high-rebound PU wheels offer excellent shock absorption, allowing you to tackle uneven surfaces with ease. You'll experience a comfortable and enjoyable ride, even when encountering bumps or cracks in the pavement.

The SOLITARY URBAN 200 Adult Kick Scooter has a weight and age limit of up to 100kg, making it suitable for a wide range of riders. Whether you're an adult looking for a convenient mode of transportation or a leisure enthusiast seeking outdoor fun, this scooter has got you covered.

When you choose the SOLITARY URBAN 200, you can trust that you're investing in a high-quality product. Solitary is a renowned brand known for its commitment to manufacturing excellence. Designed with your needs in mind, Solitary creates exclusive sports products that combine style, durability, and performance.

If you're ready to elevate your urban adventures, browse through our available offers and secure your SOLITARY URBAN 200 Adult Kick Scooter today. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the best in urban sports.

Product Details

Solitary 200mm 85a
Flex Fender
Aluminium 50cm x 60cm (Non-foldable)
KRF City Premiel 57cm x 15cm
Total Height
Weight Limit

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