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blunt prodigy x
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  • Turquoise
  • Gold
  • Oil Slick
  • Burnt Pipe
  • Black/Oil Slick


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Buy Blunt Prodigy X at the best price

For intermediate and advanced riders, the Blunt Prodigy scooter range stands as a paragon of pro scooter excellence. With a decade of relentless innovation and nine previous series of upgrades, this scooter is designed to take your scootering experience to the next level making it the perfect all-round scooter for Skatepark.

Top-Tier components

Experience the zenith of pro-level parts. The Prodigy X is the culmination of advanced board technology, Grip-tape, Z Clamp, low-slung steering cap and new Sector wheels. This scooter has undergone a major transformation to bring you the best skating performance to date.

Enhanced Features

The PX deck comes with increased dimensions, measuring 5”W x 19.5” L, reducing overall weight while maintaining strength. The grip tape now offers a higher grit count for superior grip and durability. Upgraded nylon plugs and a v2 Nylon brake system are seamlessly integrated with the new extrusion. The LOW stack headset compression cap is redesigned to streamline perfectly with Blunt's IHC compression system. The 'Z' 2 bolt oversized clamp with 6mm bolts unifies perfectly with Blunt's Bar, Fork, and Compression combination. The scooter rides smoothly on SECTOR 120mm x 26mm PU wheels 86A, ensuring core protection and a sleek ride. The wheels urethane are 26mm wide, meanwhile the core stands at 24mm, allowing you to easily change for a 24mm standard wheel in the future.

While retaining some of the PRODIGY classics like the lightweight Reaper V2 bars, soft and durable TPR Handgrips, and solid Diamond IHC forks, the rest of the scooter has received significant upgrades. The new deck extrusion, known as the Extech extrusion, features a stealth lower profile, wider internal walls, and a high-responsive concave. The PX Headtube has been redesigned to provide better contact with the deck, a diamond cutout, and a streamlined profile.

Five designs

Built to withstand the rigors of freestyle scootering, the Blunt Prodigy X boasts durable high-quality finishes. Whether you prefer the sleek Black/Oil Slick, Teal, Gold, Burnt Pipe, or Oil Slick, there's a colorway to match your style.

Lightweight and ready to skate

The complete scooter has been finely tuned to weigh in at 3.265kg/7.2 lbs, making it perfect for conquering any park. The Blunt Prodigy X is a testament to quality and performance, a legacy you can always rely on. With a total height of 86.5 cm, it's designed for riders who demand the best.

And don't forget, there's also the Prodigy X Street variant with a T Bar and a boxed deck, ideal for those who crave the excitement of street riding. Elevate your scootering game with the PRODIGY X – your path to greatness!

Product Details

Compression System
Blunt Low Stack Compression Cap
Blunt Sector 120mm x 26mm 86a
Blunt v2 Nylon Brake
Blunt Reaper v2 Bar 620mm x 560mm Aluminium
Blunt Prodigy X 19.5" x 5"
Blunt Z-Clamp Oversized
Blunt Diamond IHC Fork
Blunt TPR 160mm
Total Height

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