hella hand grip summit grips
Comprar hella hand grip summit grips
Venta hella hand grip summit grips
hella hand grip summit grips
Comprar hella hand grip summit grips
Venta hella hand grip summit grips


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Introducing Hella Grip Summit Handlebar Grips

For those seeking a fresh take on handlebar grips, Hella Grip presents the Summit Grips. While many of our loyal riders still swear by the denser pattern of the Broadway Grip, we decided to explore a new direction based on your valuable feedback. The Summit Grip offers a softer and more cushioned feel compared to its older sibling. 

One standout feature of the Summit Grip is its two-way tread. This innovative design ensures that your hands experience both peaks and valleys simultaneously, providing a secure grip while effectively wicking away moisture. It's the perfect choice for riders who demand both comfort and control.

- Soft and squishy silhouette for enhanced comfort.

- Two-way tread pattern for an excellent grip in all conditions.

- Moisture-wicking properties to keep your hands dry during intense rides.

Available in Three Vibrant Colors: Classic Black, Stylish Pink, Sleek Clear

- Length: 6.2 inches [157mm]

- Extended Length with Included Bar End Plugs: 6.5 inches [165mm]

OG Sloth Bar End Plugs Included:

We've got your handlebars covered from end to end. Each set of Summit Grips comes with OG Sloth bar end plugs, ensuring a complete and stylish look for your scooter.

Upgrade your scooter with the Hella Grip Summit Handlebar Grips and experience a new level of comfort and control. Choose your favorite color and ride with confidence. Order now and elevate your scootering game!

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