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mini micro red led
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Introducing the Micro Mini LED Scooter from Micro Mobility

Experience the perfect balance of fun and safety with the Micro Mini LED Scooter. Designed with precision and innovation by Micro Mobility, this scooter is specially crafted for children aged 2-5 years, providing an exciting and safe riding experience.

General Features:

• Rounded anti-slip handlebars to prevent accidents.

• Aluminum steering column for durability.

• Easy assembly and disassembly with a single click.

• Front bumper for added protection.

• Flexible polypropylene deck.

• High-impact resistance for a sturdy build.

• Patented "LEAN-TO-STEER" steering system for intuitive control.

• LED light-up wheels for enhanced visibility and safety.

• Rear brake that does not overheat or wear out the wheel.

Technical Specifications:

• Age: 2-5 years.

• Weight: 1.9 kg.

• Maximum load: 50 kg.

• Dimensions: 68 cm height, 53 cm length, 23 cm width.

• 3 Wheels: 120/80 mm (2 front wheels with LED lights).

• ABEC 9 bearing system for smooth rides.

This scooter has been designed in collaboration with Swiss pediatricians to support the child's psychomotor development.

What's included:

• Instruction manual and maintenance guide to ensure optimal usage of the scooter.

• 2 Allen keys for easy assembly and adjustments.

We also have a few recommendations to ensure the longevity and safety of your Micro Mini LED Scooter:

• Always wear a helmet for maximum safety.

• Regularly inspect and maintain all articulated mechanisms.

• Keep your scooter clean for extended durability.

Trust in the Swiss quality and craftsmanship that Micro Mobility is renowned for. Upgrade your child's playtime with the Micro Mini LED Scooter, offering endless fun and developmental benefits.

Note: Prioritize safety and follow the manufacturer's instructions for optimal usage and maintenance of the scooter.

Product Details

120mm + 80mm
Total Height
2-5 Years
Weight Limit

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