fr3 310 black skates

FR - FR3 310 - BLACK

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The FR3 310 is the perfect skate for a fun FReeride session.

Thanks to their 310/232mm frames, you get a great manoeuvrability to fast and furious city skating with a great stability. Thanks to the integrated plates, you will gain in stability and precision.

The FR3 is a great skate to improve your Freeride skills.

Product Details

Street Kings 110mm/88A
FR Shell
X2 310/232mm Black Frames
FR Twincam MW7 Freeride
FR Liner - Renovable

About FR Skates

FR is a skaters owned brand. The philosophy of the FR brand is to create high-quality skates made by skaters for skaters. The FR skates concept was born in 2006, in Paris, France. Its creators, Sebastien Laffargue & Gregoire Pinto were seeking to create a new generation of Freeride skates with hard shells, combining high performance, comfort, versatility, and durability. Their attention to each detail, combined with a drop of French Touch, made these skates a huge success around the world. The time has come for FR to take off, to keep in line with its roots and guide you through new ways for the best skating experiences. FR products and innovations are already setting tomorrows new standards. Join the FR brand in a new era!Principio del formulario

FR es una marca propiedad de skaters.

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