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element naturalist 7.375" complete skate


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Introducing the ELEMENT NATURALIST 7.375" COMPLETE SKATE, a skateboard that embodies the spirit of exploration and connection with nature. Created by the renowned brand Element Skateboards, this complete skateboard offers a perfect balance of style and performance, allowing you to express your love for skateboarding while enjoying a smooth and thrilling ride.

Crafted with seven high-quality maple wood plies, the Naturalist 7.375" Complete Skate is built to withstand the demands of skateboarding. Each ply contributes to the board's durability and flexibility, ensuring a responsive feel that enhances your overall riding experience.

This complete skateboard comes fully assembled, so you can hit the streets and skateparks right away. With a medium concave shape and black grip tape, the Naturalist 7.375" provides excellent control and grip, allowing you to execute tricks and maneuvers with precision and confidence.

Equipped with 50mm white wheels featuring unique graphics and a hardness rating of 95A, this skateboard delivers a smooth and responsive ride on various terrains. Whether you're cruising through the neighborhood or tackling skatepark obstacles, the Naturalist 7.375" Complete Skate provides reliable traction and exceptional performance.

The ABEC 5 bearings ensure smooth rolling and minimal friction, allowing you to maintain speed and effortlessly glide across the pavement. These high-quality bearings are designed to withstand the rigors of skateboarding, empowering you to push the boundaries of your skills.

The Element 4.5" polished and raw trucks provide stability and durability, enabling you to conquer any obstacle that comes your way. With an 85A durometer rating, the bushings offer a perfect blend of responsiveness and cushioning, enhancing your ability to carve and maneuver with ease.

With a deck size of 7.375" x 31" and a wheelbase of 14", the Naturalist Complete Skate accommodates riders of various sizes and styles. The maximum weight capacity of 110kg ensures durability and reliability, even during intense skate sessions.

Featuring exclusive graphics and Element Brand logos, the Naturalist 7.375" Complete Skate showcases your unique style and love for the brand. Each detail is carefully designed to reflect the brand's commitment to quality and creativity.

Embrace the spirit of exploration and connection with nature with the ELEMENT NATURALIST 7.375" COMPLETE SKATE. Trust in the expertise and reputation of Element Skateboards to provide you with a top-notch skateboarding experience. Unleash your passion for skateboarding and embark on exciting adventures with this exceptional skateboard.

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